The Faculty of Social Sciences, Law and Communication at UVa is the educational institution chosen by the highest number of students in a city full of numerous choices. It is one of the most innovative campus buildings in Spain and is located in the beautiful Segovia, a World Heritage Site..

It is here that you will be best placed to decide whether you are interested in pursuing a career in Social Sciences, as we are committed to helping develop and cultivate your creativity. Our studies are centred on the intellectual, cultural, artistic and educative life of the city.

Here you will find the perfect balance between leisure and study, which will ultimately help in your personal development. Music, cinema, theatre, painting, design and advanced technology: all within a playful, upbeat and historical landscape, which means that, no matter who you are, you will find something that suits you.

Degrees in Business Administration, Advertising and Public Relations, Law, Tourism, and Labor Relations and Human Resources. Double degree in Advertising + Tourism. Master’s degrees in Communication for Social Purposes and in Mediation and Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution.  Internships in companies and high employability. 61 international agreements with 45 universities in 17 EU and overseas countries. SICUE mobility agreements and international internships.

Technological and audiovisual laboratories. Tv set, video and sound laboratories, design and photography, library, gym, sports program and all the necessary services for the acquisition of the essential skills for success.

The Faculty counts on a Scientific Park Office, The On-line International Human Rights Law Clinic, and the Advertising Research and Psychology Laboratory Lipsimedia, headquarters of the research group in audiovisual communication and hypermedia GICAVH. Its research staff participates in numerous R + D + i projects and research agreements and maintains a tradition of knowledge dissemination together with entities such as Valsaín Foundation for the promotion of democratic values, the Red Cross, San Quirce History and Arts Academy (CSIC) or the Andrés Laguna Association for the promotion of health research. Also, this faculty  has a consolidated research line closely connected to Marketing and Tourism (demand studies, consumer behavior, tourist experience and destination marketing and management) and Cultural Economics (cultural festivals, events, economic impact of culture).



We stimulate the curiosity and enthusiasm of our students to make education an autonomous
process, an attitude towards life. 
We encourage critical thinking through research, communication, creativity and debate. Our motivation as a university community is to learn day by day, generate knowledge and achieve excellence on every level.