Media, Advertising and Public Relations + Tourism


The Combined Honours Programme in Media, Advertising & PR and Tourism is a structured timetable for studying these two complementary areas efficiently. It responds to the challenges of the growing tourism sector in which advertising, PR and promotional campaigns play a decisive role. They allow the generation of actual sales and, as a result, sustain the tourism industry. You will develop a strong handle of the instruments that are used in the decision-making process and you will obtain a technical specialisation of the management required to work in a professional and dynamic working environment.


You will develop an understanding of how the phenomenon of communication works in society while you develop the communication skills required for the effective grasp of both Spanish and English.


At the end of your studies, you will have a versatile professional profile with which you can run PR or just general communication campaigns, manage companies and projects, or simply create new products and services.


Coordinators     Mª Ángeles Núñez & María de la O